WolfGuard IT is a defensive force for your computers, network, and reputation.

While hacks at Equifax, Verizon, and Yahoo capture most of the headlines, the reality is that advanced cybersecurity measures are no longer just for international firms with millions of customers. Healthcare facilities, manufacturers, and law firms all collect information which is valuable to cybercriminals. Their goal is simple: to harvest and sell pieces of information like patient records, account numbers, or company trade secrets.

For these cybercriminals, business is booming. In 2017, the production and distribution of malware was an $8 billion industry, and ransomware alone generated an estimated $1 billion in revenue. Being the victim of an attack can subject your business to days of downtime, terabytes of lost information, and even litigation from customers or clients. Worse yet, is the long-lasting blemish on your brand and reputation.

We recognize these threats and are committed to tackling them head-on. A partnership with WolfGuard IT puts a true industry expert in your corner, someone that can identify weaknesses within your system and take a proactive, multi-layer, approach to protecting your data.

Our process covers the three primary entry points for cyber threats.

Software & Hardware

We start by ensuring that your antivirus software and firewalls are modern, up to date, and functioning. We also make sure that the software and hardware you have installed are well-suited for your company.

Monitoring & Updates

We monitor your systems daily, closing security loopholes before they become a problem. Cyber threats can evolve rapidly, but our AI-driven monitoring software is built to stay one step ahead.

The Human Element

Employees play a critical role in securing your network and, far too often, these employees are the ones who unknowingly open the door to cybercriminals. We implement a comprehensive training program which educates your team on how to identify suspicious e-mails, downloads, and phishing communications.

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