We always love hearing from our customers and learning how our specific IT services have made their life easier. Below are some real life examples of this very thing. If you are struggling with your company IT services and want to speak to us about making your technology work for you please call us at 406-414-0532. You can also learn how to get 2 free hours of IT support.

Managed IT Service, Total IT Totally Covered

Company:  Bitterroot Capital Advisors
City:          Bozeman, MT

Customer Requirements:
A Bozeman local IT provider is required that can help build a fast and reliable local network infrastructure and provide both equipment and service redundancy. Local systems, security and internet should be monitored for any issues and downtime minimised as much as possible. Support should be quick for Bozeman and remote support for San Francisco. Government compliances need to be met.

BCS’ Solution:
Our managed IT service, Total IT Totally Covered, meets the BCA requirements perfectly. We were able to address all current local network infrastructure issues, push forward with recommendations and get everything running smoothly. We put in place security, network and system health monitoring to receive alerts.  If there are issues detected we can remotely take care of them before causing problems or downtime. If any BCA staff have any problems we are quick to address those problems,  guaranteed by our 30/60 guarantee policy. BCA worked with Bigsky Computer Solutions to incorporate IT policies to support their regulatory requirements.

Cloud Servers

Company:  Backbone Business Solutions
City:           Williston, ND

Customer Requirements:
Be able to share files and applications such as Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Office to all employees while allowing customers restrictive remote access. Access to employees and customers should be easy from different office locations from Windows, Mac, tablets or mobile devices.  Access should be secure and not involve high upfront costs. Backbone also wanted IT downtime to be minimal and if issues do arise to be taken care of quickly.

BCS’ Solution:
For Backbone’s small office and it’s mobile employees and customers, a cloud server was a great solution. This allowed all files and applications to be centrally stored and managed from one location. Employees and customers could both have remote access by simply using a Microsoft Remote Desktop compatible application on their device (Windows, MAC, tablet or mobile phone) to connect to the cloud server with a simular desktop look and feel. Backbone employees also have the option of connecting to the cloud server files with a network drive on their local computers. Remote access distribution to employees or customers is simple. A username and password is created by BCS and given to the end-user by phone.

Since there is no upfront hardware cost, Backbone simply pays for the cloud server service monthly, which is a predictable cost. The flexability of the cloud also allows backbone to change the cloud server performance based on their needs, which also changes how much they pay each month… They only pay for what they need.

Cloud Exchange Email

Company:  Rainbow Ranch Lodge
City:           Big Sky, MT

Customer Requirements:
Be able to send and receive business emails reliably, share company calendars and share contacts. Service should be easy to access and use from a Windows or Mac computer and also from a mobile device. Number of mailboxes can greatly change from season to season. If any issues arrise, technical support should be quick and easy to contact.

BCS’ Solution:
Since no exsisting server onsite is capable of supporting Microsoft Exchange and Big Sky internet and power conditions are not reliable at times, a cloud Exchange email service fits the requirements well. Because Rainbow Ranch staff can vary greatly from season to season, the cloud service is perfect because as their staff requirements fluxuate, BCS can adapt their mailbox numbers which can save Rainbow Ranch money…. only paying for what they use. The cloud Exchange service has many redundant equipment and services in place to keep the service up and running and if there are any issues the BCS staff is here to help quickly 24/7.

Cloud SPAM Email Filtering

Company:  Analytical Systems International
City:           Houston, TX

Customer Requirements:
regularly communicates with companies around the world through email. They need to be able to receive emails from trusted companies that can sometimes be blocked due to their domain.  They also need to greatly reduce their incomming SPAM emails, which currently are in the hundreds each day. Emails should also be scanned for threats and if the ASI email server or internet go down their incomming emails should not be lost or returned to the sender. There should be an option to encrypt outgoing emails as needed.

BCS’ Solution:
With the cloud email filtering and continuity service all of ASI’s requirements are met. Because this is a cloud service no hardware purchases are needed and very minimal setting changes are needed for setup.

If you need help improving your managed IT service or cloud service please contact us at 406-414-0532 and ask us how you can get 2 Free Hours of IT Support.