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The support problems mentioned above are experienced by many companies like you, but should not be tolerated. WOLFGUARD IT takes a different approach and we address each of these items below.

We Have Predictable Costs

How many times have you received a huge bill for $1,000’s from your IT support vendor unexpectedly? This can truly blow your IT budget in no time, and unfortunately, is common practice for most IT support companies. Our predictable monthly fee insures you will not experience the wild ride of billing surprises. More importantly, our process driven preventive maintenance and proactive health monitoring system serves to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

We Are Customer Focused

Do your employees complain that your incumbent computer support provider treats them like an unwanted intrusion on their day? Or, perhaps they they put you into a forever feeling support queue making you feel like you’re being held hostage? These might be consequences of an undersized staff, or a result of poor planning. We have a team of tenured professionals with both formal education in Information Technology and years of experience. We recognize that without customers, we would not have a business, and that reality fuels our customer focus.

We Prevent Problems

IT support companies that only charge hourly have no incentive for resolving a problem on the first try. They get paid either way and a repeat visit most often resolves to more pay for them. The computer support person is also not motivated to try and fix creeping issues that may result in problems and downtime in the future. The more problems they get to fix, the more they get paid, and downtime to your business just makes you more willing to pay it!

At WOLFGUARD IT, we addressed this widespread support issue directly and have built a unique predictable fee model which rewards us for preventing problems and penalizes us for having to make repeated attempts to address chronic failures. Our unique and sophisticated process outperforms our competitors consistently in identifying problems and resolving them before they become an operational cancer in your environment.

We Want to Help You

As you can see, we are customer focused! We want to learn about you and your business, so we can better support your company, and make sure your IT systems are contributing to business success, and not holding you back.

Call us today so we can improve your support experience at 406-414-0532. We look forward to hearing from you and are available at any time!

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