Cloud phone systems produce significant cost savings over legacy in-house phone systems along with a bounty of features and virtual presence wherever your staff are. Since cloud phone service can deliver calls to your desk, laptop, or smart phone, your staff are not tethered to their desks.

BUT…  not all cloud phone systems are the same!


Many cloud providers offer the same features and claims, so why choose WOLFGUARD? We welcome the comparison of our offering to other cloud phone systems because it makes us shine!

  Support Included At No Extra Cost:
We believe in not just throwing a product or service at you, and leaving you to deal with it yourself. At no additional cost, we will implement, configure, provide training, and support the system ongoing. Hiring a new staff person? Give us a call and we will get them setup.

  99.99% Up-time Guarantee:
What if the data-center goes down or equipment fails? We found that not all cloud solutions offer disaster recovery solutions. Our infrastructure takes this a step further, and provides a 99.99% up-time guarantee.

  No More Finger Pointing:
We have end-to-end call visibility allowing us to monitor, diagnose, and resolve problems without finger pointing among vendors.

  Work From Anywhere:
Our cloud system allows your staff to work from anywhere with internet availability or cellular service. Imagine if you could work from home or salesmen have office presence from anywhere. Our phone app is available at no additional cost for smartphones and desktops.

  Text/SMS Messages:
Do you need the ability to send and receive text messages with your staff, vendors or customers, but don’t want to give out your mobile phone number? Our system allows you to select one or more phone numbers you can use for text messaging.